Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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AN Athy mother is too terrified  to return to her home after it was broken into twice in three days.

Sabrina McMahon claims she has been threatened that her home in Pairc Brid will be firebombed if she returns to live there and says her house is now being used as a ‘drug den’.

The house was first broken into sometime between midnight and noon on 8 January and on that occasion flat screen televisions and a set of keys were taken.  The burglars are understood to have returned to the property again two days on 11 January later when a radio cassette player and a chequebook were stolen. It’s understood that the keys stolen on 8 January were used to access the house on 11 January.

Ms McMahon says that incidents happened while she enjoying time away with her family in Dublin over Christmas.

“I have lived in this house for the past seven years and I have three children, a four-year old, a one-and-a-half-year old and a six-month old. We went to Dublin to my family before Christmas and stayed there over Christmas. When we came back to Athy on 8 January I discovered that the house had been broken into and I reported that to the gardaí. The house is now being used as a drug den. Curtains have been ripped down and the house is a mess.”

The mother-of-three said she believed she knew who had broken into her home.

“Word had gotten around town that I had gone from the house and when I came back to Athy I was told who had done the burglaries. I called him and he said he never broke into my house. He also told me that he would fire bomb my house if I ever came back to live in it. I told gardaí in Athy that he had threatened to firebomb the house when I met them on 8 January.”

“They have been back to the house. There is packaging that they use to hold heroin left here and there is blood all over the bed sheets. There was also a snooker cue left here so they were prepared if anyone came around and disturbed them.” When asked if she had changed the locks on the doors to prevent people from entering the house again she said; “I’m not going to do anything with the house, I’m not going to stay there any more. My son is afraid to stay there.”

Ms McMahon says she and her three children will soon be without a home. “At the moment I am staying with family in Dublin. However I can’t stay there forever. I have been driven from my home and we will soon be homeless. At the moment I am trying to see if we can get anywhere else to live.”

Ms McMahon said that she had looked to leave the house several months ago. “I was paying a mortgage to Permanent TSB but I am no longer paying that mortgage. I am nearly €10,000 in arrears and I had looked to hand the keys back several months ago.”

Gardaí in Athy said the break-ins had been reported to them but they were not aware any report of a threat to firebomb the house.

By Noel O Driscoll
Contact Newsdesk: 045 432147

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