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Kildare ladies footballers with Leinster rugby player Saen O'Brien

Kildare ladies footballers with Leinster rugby player Saen O’Brien

Long-serving Kildare ladies footballer player Kate Leahy wants success so bad in 2013 that she’s been working her ass off.

“We’ve done squats and squats and more squats. (Coach) Stevie (Smith) said we’ll have great backsides after them all,” said Leahy, whose team have been working their butts off since before Christmas with strength and conditioning coach Stephen Smith.

“Training has been tough. There was three there when I physically couldn’t walk. It was good though.”

And having been promised a great ass, the Kildare ladies are getting ready to strut their butts in public.

“We’ll get the chance to show them off on the catwalk,” said Leahy. The players will be among the models at their fashion show fundraiser in the Courtyard Hotel, Leixlip on Saturday 23 February.

The fundraiser comes at an exciting time for the side who have found a new lease of life since a new management team was put in place late last year. John Divilly, Mark Hogarty and David Hughes formed a new managerial trio for 2013 having come on board  as part of Joe O’Donoghue’s backroom team after the league campaign in 2012. The trio almost had an immediate effect when they pushed Dublin close in the Leinster championship.

“If they were in a bit earlier we might have pipped Dublin that day, we just left it a little late,” said Leahy. “We’re a lot more confident this season. We had a pre-season and that will definitely give us confidence. Mark and David in particular have told us we are going to have so much confidence in the league. When we started last year we had only been in training since the first week of January so we were always going to go out on the pitch thinking, ‘They have done ten weeks training, what have we done?’ So this will definitely stand to us this year,” said Leahy, who is now a St Laurence’s player after Grange folded last year.

While she would be pleased to build on last Sunday’s draw with Galway in the first round of the league and head back to Division 1, the main target is a major title.

“We definitely want to get back into Division 1 but ultimately we want to win something, and more than a league title. We have already won Division 2 but we want to win a championship. It’s not just getting into finals anymore, it’s about winning your Leinster finals. Myself and Brianne (Leahy) and Deirdre Gately and a few others have been there a long time. We’ve been senior since 2004 and won absolutely nothing,” she said.

Titles like that aren’t won easy though and sacrifices have to be made. Leahy has no qualms with the drinking ban that has been imposed on the squad, as long as it leads to success.

“That’s been on since new year’s. It’s the same as the lads really, you just can’t do it, it’s just not possible. We don’t mind, we don’t miss it. We’ll have a break for the night of the fashion show. We’ll have a few drinks that night but it’s definitely worth it if we are winning matches if you ask me,” she said.

As well as a temporary relaxation on the girls’ drinking ban, that fashion show in the Courtyard Hotel, who will sponsor the team this team, will play a crucial role in building finances for the year. Models on the night will include players and management.

“We need loads of money. If anybody wants to send us money they should send it in! Grace’s were great for years for but we definitely needed a new face and to freshen things up again. The Courtyard in Leixlip have been great for us and I am definitely looking forward to wearing the new jersey.

“I’m not modelling but a few of the girls are, it will be fun. There’s always a great spirit between the team but things like this improve things.”

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“We want to win a championship”"

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