Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Kieran McGeeney

Kieran McGeeney

KILDARE’S GAA executive will come under pressure to replace senior football manager Kieran McGeeney at next month’s county board meeting.

There is discontent among clubs about the team’s performance in 2013 and Moorefield delegate, Peter Whyte, feels it’s time for McGeeney to go.

“I don’t know what way my club will vote but my personal opinion is that it is time for change. I feel that Kieran set out to achieve something and he achieved that in the first couple of years but I feel other counties have got as tough as us, have got as mentally strong as us and are as committed as our players are. I believe tactically he need another five or ten years at intercounty management to become a very good manager,” said Whyte.

Kildare GAA Chairman John McMahon is expected to meet with McGeeney this week to discuss the Armagh man’s future. A two-year term is likely to be on the table for McGeeney although he will have to make changes to his backroom team if he is to return. At last week’s county board meeting chairman McMahon said that he would present a proposal to the clubs at the next county board meeting on 3 September.

Moorefield delegate Whyte believes the issue could be divisive and called on the club’s to rally behind whatever decision is made for the good of Kildare football.

“I would say there will be a full debate on whether Kildare go with a new manager or if Kieran McGeeney is put in for another year but I don’t know if an open debate will do any good. If you have an open debate on whether Kieran McGeeney is going to stay or go you are going to have a divided room. Basically that won’t help Kieran if he is to stay on or if there is somebody coming into replace him. So I think there should be just be a show of hands and then let everybody row in behind what is decided,” said Whyte.

Whyte has yet to discuss the matter with his own club but does feel that McGeeney’s popularity is at its lowest ebb amongst the clubs of Kildare.

“I would say that out of his six year tenure this would be his lowest poll on a popularity rating. If there are enough people who think that he has done good work during his time and has something else to offer in the next 12 months then he will stay but in my opinion, and it’s only my opinion because we haven’t discussed this as a club yet, if Kieran McGeeney is to stay on for another year then he has to bring something different to the table,” he said.

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"It is time for change""

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