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Nail biting time for students in Coláiste Lorcain in Castledermot waiting for their Junior Cert results

Nail biting time for students in Coláiste Lorcain in Castledermot waiting for their Junior Cert results

12As for Miranda Junior Cert results Pages 6-9COLÁISTE Lorcáin in Castledermot has plenty of reasons to celebrate when the Junior Cert results were announced last Wednesday. Well 12 actually as student Miranda Faul was one of six students in the country to achieve 12 As in the exam.

The excitement began in the Faul household early that morning when Miranda’s mother Anna received a phone call from the school to tell her the good news.

“The students who were getting their results were given a day off and were told to be at the school at 12.15pm to collect their results. At around 10am we got a call from the school so we knew before. I wasn’t sure whether to tell Miranda or wait until she got to the school. I decided to tell her and we are delighted and all very proud of her.”

Miranda herself was taking her results in her stride. “I took the Irish, English, Maths, history, geography, German, art, home economics, science, technology, CSPE and religion exams. I was kind of excited to be getting the results, I knew I had done pretty well but I wasn’t sure how well until this morning. I got 12 As in the mock exams as well so I was hoping that I could do the same again. Technology was challenging so I wasn’t sure how that would go.”

Miranda’s excellent results didn’t come totally out of the blue. “I have an older brother, Oisin, and he got on pretty well in the Leaving Certificate. He is studying for a BA in English and History at Carlow College and I have a sister Hannah who did the Leaving Certificate last year and she is studying French and English at Trinity.”

Anna says her daughter’s academic ability was evident from an early age. “It comes easily to her but she works at it as well. We would have seen how well she was doing in school over the years and we could see that her results in tests were through the roof. Miranda isn’t stuck with her head in the books all of the time though, she has other interests as well. She enjoys sport, particularly swimming and running, and she is very good at art as well.”

Miranda is currently in Transition Year where she has the opportunity to sample a wide range of subjects. But difficult decisions lie ahead as she explained.

“We are doing all of the subjects in Transition Year before we pick which ones we want to do in the Leaving Cert. I like physics and I find German interesting but I like art and music as well. It’s a bit of a dilemma.”

Coláiste Lorcáin Principal Eric Gaughran congratulated Miranda on her achievement.

“To have one of the six students in the country who got 12 As is a fantastic achievement for a small rural school like ours. I also want to say well done to the teachers, the results are a testament to their hard work and dedication. The results we have here today are exceptional. All of the focus is on Miranda and we are delighted with how well she has done but there were 60 others who got fantastic results as well and we are as proud of them as we are of Miranda today.”

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