Thursday, April 13, 2017

MISSING Naas man Trevor Deely’s family received fresh hope this week with a major breakthrough in his 16 year old case.

Enhanced CCTV footage from the night he went missing has caused a stir in the circumstances of what happened the night Trevor made his way home from a Christmas party in December 2000.

Our mission here is never to give up hope and as a family, keep the pressure on every single angle we can,” said Trevor’s father Michael.

His sister Michele added that they have always been hopeful.

We’re always hopeful, we’re always waiting for that person or persons to come forward and stay realistic at the same time.”

Michael Deely and Michele Deely speaking at the renewed appeal by Crimestoppers for information on the whereabout of Trevor Deely

Gardaí have taken more than 170 statements and made 200 case reports since relaunching their investigation into the disappearance of the young Naas man. None of those questioned are believed to have actually seen Trevor on the night he went missing but they were in the Wilton Terrace and Haddington Road area of Dublin when he was captured on CCTV.

The new footage shows Trevor talking to a mystery man shortly before he vanished and his family are pleading with this man to come forward and “end this family’s nightmare”.

Huge financial backing was given to the search this week also when Crimestoppers announced that an anonymous person would donate €100,000 for information on Trevor’s dissappearance.

Trevor went missing on a wild and stormy night in Dublin on 8 December 2000. He went to Copper Face Jacks in Harcourt Street at 8pm and later went to the Hilton Hotel in Charlemont Place at 9pm.He went to Buck Whaley’s night club in Leeson Street, leaving there at 3.30am before walking back to his office where he checked his email and picked up a blue ACC golf umbrella, leaving the office at 4am.

CCTV footage picked up Trevor walking close to Baggot Bridge holding his umbrella at 4.14am and no trace of him has emerged since.

The enhanced footage shows a man cowering beside a pillar outside Trevor’s workplace on Wilton Terrace between 3.05am and 3.34am.

Moments later he is captured on camera at the rear entrance of the old Bank of Ireland Asset Management offices just as Trevor approaches the gates. The pair are seen talking for about 40 seconds before Trevor passes into the building alone.

He later exits the building with his umbrella just after 4am, and the final images of him alive are taken on Haddington Road as he walks past the Bank of Ireland ATM at 4.14 in the morning.

Thirty seconds later the sharpened images show a huddled figure hurrying in his trail.

The new CCTV footage can be viewed on

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By Lynda Doyle
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