Friday, May 12, 2017

A NEWBRIDGE mother paid tribute to two local gardaí this week who gave her and her sick son a high speed escort to hospital.

Orlane Powell and her 15-month old Joshua were stopped at a check point outside of Naas town when they were en route to Portlaoise Hospital after visiting Kdoc.

The doctor told me to get there urgently as my baby was having febrile convulsions as his temperature was so high,” said Ms Powell.

Driving out of Naas she was stopped at Sheehy’s garage where Garda Ronan Mannion and Garda June Lyons were holding a road checkpoint. They quickly realised the severity of the situation and offered to escort her to the hospital.

Garda Mannion noticed Joshua trembling when he shone the torch in and I explained he needed to get to the hospital. Without hesitation he summoned Garda Lyons and they escorted me with lights and sirens all the way to the door of Portlaoise hospital where Garda Mannion also carried my baby bag and walked me to the ward and made sure Joshua was seen inmediately,” she added.

Orlane Powell with baby Joshua drop into Naas Garda Station to say thanks Garda June Lyons and Garda Ronan Mannion

I am truly grateful to the guards and it’s a very positive story to put out there about our local Naas gardaí.

They were already doing there job that day and they left that to help me. I’m very grateful.”

It took doctors two days to regulate Joshua’s temperature and he was kept in hospital for a few days on antibiotics.

Speaking about the two gardaí involved Ms Powell said they went above and beyond their line of duty. She said there is not enough appreciation for what they do.

I don’t think they get enough appreciation,” she said. “They’re there for the community, not just when there’s an emergency and this has brought that home to me. A lot of people don’t come back and let them know how they are. They are often left wondering about how someone they helped is.”

Ms Powell and Joshua visited Naas Garda Station to thank the two members for their help.

It is nice to give them an update, to let them know they are appreciated,” she said.

She believes Joshua caught a bacterial infection from an older child and she warned parents to exercise caution.

These infections are so easily spread. Doctors have urged parents to exercise caution if their child has a bacterial or viral infection. Although older children may not appear to be too ill, they can be life threatening for babies and small children,” she said.

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By Lynda Doyle
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