Wednesday, August 02, 2017

THERE were 58,406 families living in Co Kildare on Census night 2016, an increase of 2,758 (5.0%) on the 2011 figure.

In April 2016, 39.0% of those aged 15 and over living in the county were single (65,819 people), compared to 41.1% in the State overall. A further 83,220 people (49.3%) were (first-time) married, compared to 46.0% nationally.

The number of divorcees increased by 748 to 4,425, and accounted for 2.6% of those aged 15 and over. The 6,950 widowed persons comprised 4.1% of those aged above 15 years.

There were 2,999 remarried persons in the county. Males were much more likely to remarry after divorce, with 48.9% doing so, compared to just 32.8% of females.

2016 marked the first time that same sex partnership was recorded in an Irish census, following the enactment of civil partnership legislation. There were 149 people in this category in County Kildare and 4,226 in the State overall.

The number of people living alone in the county increased by 268 to 12,854, i.e. 5.8% of all those living in private households. Of these, 4,561 were aged 65 and over, with women accounting for 62.0%.

The full report is available on the CSO website at along with all the data which is available in a range of interactive web tables, allowing users to build their own tables by selecting the data they are interested in and downloading them in an easy to use format for their own analysis.

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