Thursday, June 07, 2018

A YOUNG Athgarvan man who is leading the way in social fundraising has qualified for the world championships in social entrepreneurship.

19-year-old Josh Clinton is a first-year international business student at DCU. Last Thursday night, he won the All-Ireland award for his work with community projects, particularly for helping to empower asylum seekers.

Josh Clinton and the Enactus social entrepreneur group from DCU

He was recently elected the first chair of Speakeasy, a public speaking club in DCU, and in the last two weeks secured the highest sponsorship ever to a club in DCU from accountants Ernst & Young for a planned university college contest for public speaking. At one time Josh was a promising county footballer for Kildare, but having suffered two consecutive cruciate ligament injuries requiring surgery and two years of rehab he had to quit contact sport and athletics completely.

He has since found other outlets for his energies, including singing and public speaking. He joined Enactus, a social entrepreneurship group, in September 2017 and has championed the Threads project, which is an integral part of the DCU Enactus social entrepreneurship programme.

The group, made up of primarily first- and second-year students, have come up with an array of community projects to empower asylum-seekers. The projects are aimed at helping some of the 4,000-plus asylum-seekers who may spend years in direct provision centres in Ireland to overcome barriers to employment.

The DCU team now travels to Silicon Valley in October to compete in the world championships.

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By Lynda Doyle
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