Thursday, August 02, 2018

BAD smells from the sewage treatment plant at Fortbarrington Road in Athy are getting up the noses of local residents.

Kildare Co Council officials have raised the bad odour issues at Dunn Brinn with senior management at Irish Water.

At the meeting of Athy Municipal District last week Cllr Mark Wall asked if the council could confirm if they have had any contact with Irish Water in relation to the sewage treatment plant and if the council had received many complaints regarding foul odours from the plant.

Cllr Wall noted that this was a serious issue for residents of Dun Brinn, many of whom have complained to Irish Water.

He told the meeting that one resident who had contacted Irish Water had been told that someone from Irish Water would call out to her, but that had never happened.

Cllr Wall told the meeting that there was a suspicion among residents that the smell was coming through the drain network. However, he added that trucks who service the plant come through Emily Square and leave an odour there too and he said it was possible that Dun Brinn residents could be dealing with both airborne odours and smells emanating from drains.

“This can’t continue, something further needs to be done;” he said.

A written report to councillors from the council said; “The Water Services Section have been dealing with Irish Water in relation to odours at the Athy Waste Water Treatment Plant and are managing odour issues that have arisen due to the extra ordinary weather conditions that currently prevail. Additional management practices, such as more frequent skip emptying, have been put in place at the plant and these practices should see a reduction in odours.”

The report pointed out that the treatment plant is in very good condition and is in full compliance with its Waste Water Discharge Licence.

Council official Eamonn Fagan said the council had received two complaints and he added that due to the length of time that this has been an issue there is a need to look at other causes.

Cllr Wall noted that CCTV surveys would have been done of the drainage system when Dun Brinn was taken in charge by the council and he asked if they could be examined to see if there was a link between the treatment plant and the drains.

Cllr Wall told the Kildare Nationalist that following the meeting KCC Director of Water and Environmental Services Joe Boland had contacted him to say that he had raised the issue with senior management at Irish Water and the issue was to be discussed at a meeting with Irish Water last week.

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By Noel O'Driscoll
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