Thursday, September 06, 2018

IRISH Water have rushed to quash fears about the safety of tap water in Naas after serious concern broke out in the community.

They issued a statement on Thursday that the water is perfectly fine to drink after serious concerns were raised claiming the water had resulted in bacterial infections for two infants in the area.

Local TD James Lawless called on the water company to test water in the homes of babies diagnosed with an infection. The water company took samples and reassured customers in the Naas  area that the public drinking water supply meets all drinking water regulations.

“We can confirm that regular routine water sampling is carried out in the network area and daily testing at the Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant which treats the water that supplies Naas,” said a spokespersom for the company.

“Sampling undertaken this week and last week has confirmed that the water supply in Naas is compliant with all drinking water regulations.”

Further to regularly testing they said additional sampling took place at the property in Radharc an Caisleain and at another propert adjacent to the estate.

“Results have confirmed that the water is microbiologically compliant with the drinking water regulations and is safe to drink,” she added.

“Irish Water understands how distressing it is when a member of a family is unwell and we arranged for a water sample to be taken at the property to carry out the additional sampling. Additionally, Irish Water have liaised with the Public Health Department in the HSE on this matter and understand they are offering support to the family.”

Concern was compounded by a discolouration in the water which the water company say occured when they were making a new connection in the water network. The company said they had to connect a new housing development to the trunk water main in Naas resulted in a discolouration of the water supply in the area.

“Discoloured water can happen when a new connection is made and resolves once the discoloured water is left to run through the network. We understand that customers were concerned and we apologise for the inconvenience caused as a result of the discolouration.

“While the water was unsightly at the time, it was at all times safe to drink. We wish to reassure customers that sampling carried out at a property in Lakelands in Naas has confirmed that the water is compliant with all drinking water regulations and is safe to drink. We can confirm that there is now no discolouration in the water supply in the network.”

A Naas woman highlighted concern about the water earlier in the week.

Lana Mullins, mother of nine month old Riley, believes her child was diagnosed with Campylobactor at Crumlin Hospital after contracting the illness from what she believes to be contaminated water. Campylobactor is a bacterial infection like salmonella and can cause diarrhea and sometimes other serious complications.

She contacted Deputy James Lawless who called on Irish Water to carry out testing in the area. He also reported that another baby in the Naas area had been diagnosed with the same infection.

He said he received complaints about cloudy water from several estates including The Gallops, Lake Lands, Oldtown, Dún na Ri and Johnstown.

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By Lynda Doyle
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