Friday, November 23, 2018

KILDARE woman Kristina Friary is preparing to launch her first collection of poetry entitled Soul Speaks…Poems from the Heart.  This book holds sentimental poems that are dear to Kristina’s heart combined with art work that she recently began creating.

Kristina’s work is inspired by her personal experiences of heartbreak and hard times, along with inspiration she has drawn from her two young grandchildren. “My poems are very sentimental and emotional, they really mean a lot to me and I hope they resonate with at least one person who reads them”, she expresses.

Kristina began writing about 10 or 15 years ago when her mother sadly passed away. She started writing a poem for her late mum and the words just spilled out on the page. Keeping this poem to herself she didn’t realise her talent, until following the passing of her brother-in-law a number of years later she bravely read one of her personal poem at the funeral.

After positive feedback on her poetry she recited a poem she had written for her niece at a family wedding which brought the room to tears. “People who said it takes a lot for them to cry were telling me they were in tears at the words I had written,” said Kristina.

Kristina Friary who launches her book of poetry in Kildare library this Thursday 22 November at 7.30pm

This chain of events led to the forthcoming book,  quickly turning  something that was originally a dream for the writer into a reality. “I have always wanted to write a book, but I just didn’t have the confidence to do it,” recalls Kristina.

Recalling when she began write poetry she explains: “I’ve always written poems, on little pieces of paper and in a note book I keep in my bag. They just flow naturally, it’s my passion and I love doing it,” she said.

Kristina gives the impression that she finds solace in her writing, using it as a way to express her emotions in a way that’s personal to her. She gives the reader a glimpse into her life, sharing her story in the form of poetry, including how she had a brain aneurism and how she used poetry as a way of finding her inner strength.

Kristina points out that she does write happy poems but they don’t really feature in this collection. “Perhaps that’s for another bookm” she laughs.

When questioned as to what draws her attention to a book or a piece of art Kristina replies: “I love all things magical – angles, unicorns and the moon anything mystical really”.

Kristina attended the ‘Tech’ in Kildare town and although she would help out in the local library after school she was never really interested in reading as a child.

“I’ve lived in Kildare town all my life, my children and grandchildren are only down the road, I’m just a local girl that’s really it”.

Her interest in art also came about after her mother passed away. “I’m very spiritual, my mother came to me through another women and told me to take art classes, I went to the classes and got some tips, now I really just enjoy it,” said Kristina.

Her art work is scattered throughout her new book to accompany the poems and like her poetry the art she creates is inspired by her emotions and the images themselves have sentimental meaning to the artist.

Soul Speaks…Poems from the Heart is  self-published by the author. She took on the personal challenge but she was not alone in the process as her family and the Kildare community rallied around her.

“My friend Mario Corrigan has been a massive help throughout this project,” comments Kristina adding that her family are keeping the book as a complete surprise until the launch.

Kristina will launch her brand new book, Soul Speaks…Poems from the Heartin Kildare Town Library on 22 November at 7.30pm.

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By Amanda Leeson
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