Friday, November 23, 2018

MAYOR of Newbridge Murty Aspell has called on the community to stand together and fight back after his home was burgled by “low life pigs”.

The mayor of the Kildare-Newbridge district took to social media to warn the “scumbags” to watch out and pray he doesn’t find them. Cllr Aspell believes he disturbed the thieves at around 9pm on Thursday when he arrived home to College Park to find his place ransacked.

He said he stands by his contentious comments and is calling on the community to rally together.

“People are sick of it – it’s time we started fighting back,” he said. “People work long, hard hours and then come home to find their house interfered with. It’s not on.

“They don’t care what age you are, what creed you are. They’ve no respect. It’s a disgrace.”

He said the culprits had left items on the bed ready to take but left with nothing.

“The time will come, the day will come, when they take on the wrong house and someone will take them on. They need to be afraid when they come into someone’s house.”

He was particularly upset that a pair of reading glasses belonging to his late father were thrown on the floor.

“They did needless damage, turned my bedroom, kitchen and hot press upside down and scattered my personal belongings all over. I kept my dad’s glasses when he passed away three years ago. The most heartbreaking of it all was to see them lying on the floor.
“These people have no conscience and deserve to be locked up. Decent people are living in fear of their lives because of these scumbags, but we can’t let them win. We need to look out for each other.”

He asked everyone to check on their elderly neighbours and make sure they’re okay.

“When people break into your house where your mum and dad lived, it makes me sick to my stomach. In his Facebook post, he wrote: ‘Scumbags – what else can I tell you? Let’s hope I don’t find you. Let’s put out the word, my friends.’

He thanked the gardaí for their quick response and help with the matter. “I couldn’t have asked for a better response and it wasn’t because I’m Murty Aspell, the mayor, but just because I’m Murty Aspell living in Newbridge.”

This was the second time cllr Aspell has been burgled. His previous house was broken into at Moorefield Drive.

“Maybe they’re glad I wasn’t there. We can’t cower down to these people because they thrive on fear. We all need to stand together and fight back,” declared the mayor.

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By Lynda Doyle
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