Thursday, February 14, 2019

A PLAQUE to the memory Kilcullen man Frank Conroy, killed in the Spain while fighting with the International Brigades, will be unveiled in the Kilcullen Heritage Centre, Co, Kildare this June by Christy Moore.

The plaque was presented to Nessa Dunlea of the Kilcullen 700 committee by the June Fest Committee, on behalf of the Friends International Brigades Ireland. The plaque is a twin copy of the plaque presented to the town council of Lopera in April 2016, by FIBI.

Nessa Dunlea of the Kilcullen 700 committee show off the plaque

Frank Conroy was born on 25 February 1914, in Kilcullen and was killed on 28 December 1936 at Lopera . His father Michael Conroy, a baker by trade worked for Michael O’Connellm Nessa Dunlea’s grandfather’s bakery in Kilcullen.

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