Friday, February 15, 2019

CONCERN was expressed last week that a quarry has been operating in contravention of a High Court order.

Sinn Féin activists visited the site at Ballysax, the Curragh to highlight the situation. Speaking outside the quarry Patricia Ryan, Sinn Féin candidate for the local elections, said they were contacted by a local resident to say that work was ongoing at the quarry.

“The High Court ordered recently that all machinery be removed from the site but that clearly hasn’t happened,” she said.

“In the last hour five trucks have left the quarry loaded with stone. It’s a clear disregard for the High Court and for Kildare Co Council who spent public money bringing this case. They have just received a delivery from Naas Oil, so they obviously intend on staying.”

Also at the quarry was Noel Connolly, Sinn Féin candidate for the Newbridge area in the upcoming local elections.

“This morning we reported this unauthorised development to Kildare Co Council,” he said.

“We followed this phone call up with a written complaint. I can’t understand why Kildare Co  Council aren’t out here. It took them long enough to bring the developer to court, if it wasn’t for the action of local people they would not have bothered. If it was you or I building a wall or making an entrance bigger, they wouldn’t be long getting in touch to tell us to stop.

“Rural dwellers like myself have to jump through hoops to be allowed the privilege of building a home in the countryside. There seems to be one rule for the small guy and another for big business. The local people here are understandably very angry.”

He added that if action isn’t taken by the council, local people will take action.

“The roads are in bits, the extra heavy traffic is dangerous, not to mention the considerable noise generated by the machinery.”

Councillor Mark Lynch has also made representations on our behalf to Kildare County Council management.

The quarry was subject to controversy last year when a group of locals were arrested when they blocked the entrance to the site.

The protesters blocked the entrance as the operator was attempting to move equipment in to the site. Numerous protests were held at the quarry in the townland of Ballysax Great near the Curragh Camp.

A spokesperson from Kildare County Council said that as the case is the subject of current and ongoing legal action, they would not be in a position to comment on the matter.

There was no response from the owners.

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By Lynda Doyle
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