Friday, February 15, 2019

THE animal welfare charity KWWSPCA is in danger of closing if they can’t raise funds fast for a new premises.

Volunteers with the charity say they are in crisis and will soon be homeless as time at their current premises is up for sale.

“If we don’t raise the money, it’s curtains basically,” said volunteer Gráinne Murphy.

“At the weekend all state run agencies shut down. We carry the can over the entire weekend. It’s frustrating, we’re the biggest animal rescue service in county Kildare, we take dogs from the pound and rehome them but we can’t get any help from the powers that be.”

The charity’s current site  between Athgarvan and Twomilehouse is up for sale and purchasing this isn’t an option as they’ve met with planning problems.

Purchasing or renting a new premises will be costly as it will include refurbishing or constructing shelters and ensuring adequate drainage.  They have set a target of €300,000 but say any help at all will assist with the campaign.

In 2011, when the KWWSPCA was established, 90% of dogs in the pound were put to sleep and today this figure is down to 6% with the help of the charity’s rehoming service, said Ms Murphy.

“There are always dogs in the pound waiting to come to us as soon as we have the space,” she added.

“By law all strays have to spend five days with the warden in the pound before they can be rehomed.”

Currently there are 22 dogs at the shelter, five puppies aged six weeks, three aged nine weeks, one thirteen week old and other dogs or various ages.

Each dog costs between €200 to €300 to have rehomed and the KWWSPCA has a rehomeing fee of €150.

“We are 100% non profit. All of the volunteers are unpaid but we get no back up all,” she added.

The charity deals also with many welfare cases and road accident victims and deal with many different animals; cats, horses, ponies, goat, sheep, pigs, ferrets, parrots and farmyard fowl.

“We never know what is going to hit us on a day to day basis,” said Gráinne.

“If we have to shut down it will be a great loss to people in Kildare and West Wicklow and a lot of animals would suffer. If we’ve no shelter it’s over.

The charity is looking for a shelter ideally in mid to south Kildare, three to four acres preferably with stable blocks or kennels.

They are appealing to the community to help them with fundraising activities big or small, triathalons to cake sales, golf classics to table quizes, it will all help.

We need to secure a new premises as soon as possible as time is running out, she added.
This is why we are desperately appealing to your generosity. A lot of lives are depending on us as we rescue and re-home several hundred animals every year.
The volunteers need to secure a new premises in a matter of months to ensure the future rescue of many animals.

“We’ve set our target for the realistic sum needed to either buy or build a fit-for-purpose animal shelter. We know it seems a huge amount to ask for but all of us here are determined to give this project 100% effort. We are also putting out a plea for anyone who might assist us with their unpaid skills like public relation, planners, builders, carpentry or supplies.”
A number of fundraisers have already been organised. A Father Ted quiz will take place on Thursday, 28 February, from 8.30pm to 11pm in 33 South Main in Naas.

A pop up shop for high end fashions is also organised for Saturday, March 23 from 11am to 3pm at the current KWWSPCA shelter in Athgarvan. Donations of good quality clothes and accessories for this can be left in Noah’s Ark or at the shelter or call 086 3413017 or 087 6803295.

People are also asked to do the runamuck challenge in aid of the shelter by collecting sponsorship. The event takes place on Saturday, 9 March, at the Coolcarrigan Estate, Naas.

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By Lynda Doyle
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