Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A YOUNG Transition Year student from the Patrician Secondary School shaved off all of his hair recently to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

Aidan Forde took the brave decision to have his long blonde hair shaved off in full view of both teachers and students in the school’s lunchroom during his lunchbreak on Friday 1 March.

The build-up and excitement was echoed  throughout the school that Friday afternoon, and Aidan joked that he even had a few offers from fellow students and some teachers for them to shave his hair off!

Speaking on why he decided to hold this event and raise funds, Aidan said: “During January of 2018 I was in third year and my hair was due to be cut, but the weather was cold so I put it off and my hair got longer. Then, during March, it came time to cut my hair but I realised that my hair was a decent length and that I would be in Transition Year that September in the school, so I would make something out of it.

Aidan Forde, after the headshave

“My idea was to shave it but I didn’t know who to do it for. My neighbour had mentioned she was planning a big fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society and I offered to join in as my family had been affected by cancer. That September, when I returned to school, I got permission to keep my hair long till the fundraiser. Unfortunately, this initial fundraiser didn’t come to pass, but as I had promised my teachers and my whole year, I had to follow through with it. I decided to continue with giving the Irish Cancer Society the funds I would raise”.

Aidan advertised the event by putting up posters he was sent by the Irish Cancer Society around the school. Announcements were also made by Principal Pat Moloney over the school’s intercom system.

“I was a good advertisement myself, as both my hair’s length showed how striking this change would be and people constantly asking when and where it would be on, and how short the hair would be.”

On his initial application to the Irish Cancer Society, Aidan wrote that he hoped to raise €300, but to date he has raised €705.70 from friends, family and the school community and the money is still being counted.

This is even more impressive considering that this was all achieved without the aid of a GoFundMe page!

“Needless to say I am overwhelmed by the support. Everybody was helpful as they were exited for this long-awaited day, especially on the day, cheering me throughout, also the teachers and fellow students who helped on the day.”

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By Ciarán Mather
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