Thursday, May 09, 2019

NAAS General Hospital will again this year participate in the National Patient Experience Survey which takes place throughout the month of May.

The annual survey — the largest of its kind in Ireland — offers patients the opportunity to share their experiences in hospital and tell us what improvements they believe are necessary. This provides a clear picture of the safety and quality of care in Irish hospitals, as seen through the eyes of patients.

An estimated 28,000 patients will be eligible to participate in this year’s survey — almost 600 in Kildare.

.297 patients from Naas General Hospital took part in last year’s survey, a response rate of 51%. Overall, patients’ ratings of their experiences at Naas General Hospital were slightly above the national average. 85% of patients at Naas General Hospital said they had a ‘very good’ or ‘good’ experience, compared with 84% nationally. The survey found that, overall, people in Naas General Hospital were treated with respect and dignity and had confidence and trust in the hospital staff caring for them. Patients were also happy with their involvement in decisions about care and treatment.

Patients gave positive responses in relation to the food they were given at mealtimes and the availability of assistance with their meals if required. They were also satisfied with the cleanliness of their room and ward.

According to Alice Kinsella, General Manager Naas General Hospital,  “The Patient Experience Survey results have given us a clear insight into the patient’s experiences in our hospitals and assists us in understanding what matters to patients. It confirms for us the importance of working in partnership with our patients, families, their carers, our staff and communities. Even small changes can lead to improved patient safety and wellbeing, while staff report higher levels of job satisfaction.”

“These 2018 findings are informing quality improvement initiatives for 2019/2020 at Naas General Hospital such as the introduction of our recently launched End PJ Paralysis campaign, Mealtimes Matter, improved discharge communication material and initiatives such as Hello My Name is and the Clinical Microsystems Programme.  We hope that the 2019 survey will reflect improvements in this area, and look forward to our patient’s feedback again this year.”

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