Wednesday, May 15, 2019

LOCAL election candidate Emmet Kane has attacked what he referred to as the “centuries old bureaucratic system of health service delivery based on county boundaries” which he has said is preventing people from accessing services on their doorstep in nearby towns.

The Castledermot-based candidate, who is running in the Athy Local Electoral Area (LEA), has said that people living in south Kildare have difficulties in accessing services they are required to use due to their distance from the likes of Naas, Tallaght or Dublin city.

He added that they even though they are just a few kilometres from “dozens of quality services” in surrounding counties like Carlow or Laois they are precluded from accessing them as a result of a system that “allocates services based on county boundaries”.

“Why in the 21st century are services decided based on almost 200-year old county boundaries, from 1834, rather than on the distance from where people live? In recent years the Eircodes were also developed based on these centuries’ old county borders,” he said. “Is it not time we started looking at how people living outside of large towns and near county boundaries can access services?”

Mr Kane has said that it’s time we start to think about how we prioritise accessibility and at the same time reduce our carbon footprint by allowing people to access the services closest to them.

“I meet many people in South Kildare who are prevented from getting to services in Carlow that, in some cases, are within 3km from where they live. But they are told they must attend Naas or Newbridge to avail of the same services, which is 45km away,” he said. “

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