Thursday, June 20, 2019

NEWBRIDGE Skatepark Jam session  was a great success and a big crowd turned out. It was touch and go on the weather front as just before the scooter demo the rain started to pour down, the event nearly had to be canceled. People ran to the trees for cover and others squeezed in under the gazebo. A roof would of made more sense as  the skatepark was like a paddling pool! Some of the young kids started chanting, “ rain, rain go away, come again another day ” and lucky enough it did. The sun came out and the surface water was removed, soon after it was dry and ready to roll.

Big thanks to June Fest, the festival as a whole is truly amazing and has been getting bigger and bigger each year. Big shout out to Steve Connelly and his team, putting in the hours behind the scenes to allow for each and every event take shape and be a complete success. This is the first year for Newbridge Skatepark, so to be included in any community event is fantastic result for all. Big thanks to  Irish Rollerblade Company and High Rollers Skate Shop in Dublin which allowed us to have lots of free giveaways on the day. We had a free raffle for a pair of brand new rollerblades. As well as free rollerblades to give away, we had skateboarding magazines, tshirts and stickers.

Noel Smith – Best trick winner

More goodies came from Kaltik, Tshirts, hoodies, hats, wheel bearings and more stickers. We even had a box of goodies from P.C Duffys Shop. It was a fantastic day and having this type of support created a great buzz on the day. Everyone loves a good day out and if we can build on from this event hopefully in the future we’ll be in a position to continue giving free gifts to the kids. Newbridge Skatepark, since been built is forming its own community of users and supporters. Its great to see all the new kids sharing the same dream and using the same space along side some of the older guys who had been involved in the Newbridge skate scene and skatepark campaign for nearly two decades. Its great that we can have events like this so we can continue to give back to the community and reward them for keeping the dream alive and keeping the space clean. Our message to the parents and kids is, keep yourself safe and the skatepark area clean and free from litter. Do this and we’ll continue to have events!!! Follow “ Newbridge Skatepark ” on Facebook to keep up to date on events and things happening.

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