Thursday, August 08, 2019

KILDARE Co council is to lease a small portion of public land to Newbridge Cutlery Company to facilitate the provision of a bus turning circle at the popular visitor attraction.

The disposal of the  250 sq metres of public lands brought “reluctant support” from one councillor.

At the full council meeting last week (29 July) the first item under Statutory Business on the agenda was the confirmation that just 0.0249 Ha was to be leased from Kildare Co Council to the Newbridge Cutlery Company.

Niall Morrissey, Director of Services at the Roads Department, confirmed that this small parcel of land –  a piece  little bigger than a tennis court – was “to create a bus-turning area and parking space”, at  a spot opposite the Newbridge Fire Station.

As per usual, no indication of for how much or for how long was given.

Nonetheless it brought a qualified support from Green councillor Vincent P Martin.

“I’m supporting this reluctantly so,” he said.

‘Wearing my professional hat for a moment [Cllr Martin is a barrister], I would like to see the valuations [on such transactions] in future,” he pointed out.

“I’m sure everything is 100/% above board…but I would like to see a professional valuation to steer us in the future,” he said.

“Best practice is to get written valuations,’ he said.

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By finian coughlan
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