Monday, October 07, 2019

COUNCIL officials found favour with two recent motions from a Newbridge councillor with regard to that which goes up, and those which go down, but couldn’t help him with a publicising a calendar for the Town Hall.

Considering the wildlife and the horse racing industry on the doorstep in the unique green lung of Kildare – The Curragh – Cllr Pender wondered if the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District might facilitate a ban “on balloons and [Chinese] lanterns in order to better protect the environment”.

Though very pretty at launch, both balloons and lanterns – particularly the still lit ones – can cause a host of problems when gravity get a second hold and returns them to somewhere else on earth.

“The Environment Section has received legal advice [on this matter] which includes an option of introducing byelaws,” said Liam Dunne, senior Executive Officer at the Environment Section.

“A number of departments of the council have expressed concerns in the matter, regarding fire issues, animal and wildlife safety and littering,” he continued.

“The matter has been discussed at the Environment SPC, and will be brought before the full council [meeting] in October, to be adopted at the November or December meeting,” he stated.

He also sought an unrelated update in relation to the upgrading of the car park at St Conleth’s Cemetery and was told that all tenders on the job had been received at the council by 24 September, meaning work should start early in the new year.

A third appeal by the councillor to get the local authority provide a calendar of bookings at Newbridge Town Hall has failed, however.

The suggestion by Cllr Chris Pender at a recent meeting with executive staff was to allow elected members makes plans for using the Town Hall more effectively.

He even allowed for the possibility for GDPR redactions if required, unless specifically waived, so that he and his colleagues might be able to tell at a glance how the Hall was being used on a weekly and monthly, and be be able to book ahead accordingly.

However, it was left to the facilities manager from Corporate Services Barry Griffiths to break the bad news with the unsurprising reply: “the Facilities Department does not have the resources to provide a  weekly calendar of bookings for the Newbridge Town Hall”.

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By finian coughlan
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