Friday, December 06, 2019

INQUIRIES are to be made to see if all of Kilcullen can be designated a 30km/h zone under the Road Traffic Act of 2004.
The matter was raised at the recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action in a discussion on the speed of some traffic through the town. In particular, Lyn Worrall said she had seen trucks ‘belting along’ near the Credit Union.
Orla O’Neill said the companies involved should be contacted directly and told to ‘get their act together’. She also asked was there anything to stop Kilcullen having a 30km/h limit?
Pat Mangan told the meeting that there is provision under the legislation to have such special speed limits in a ‘built up area’ and would require the enactment of a by-law.
It was decided to ask the council if the town can be designated a built-up area with a view to having the lower limit.
Under the Act, the setting of speed limits is a function of the Elected Members of the local authority. Kildare County Council is currently conducting a review of speed limits throughout the county. In July 2015, the Council held a public consultation on providing 30km/h speed limits in housing estates.

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