Friday, February 14, 2020

WITH 40% of the State’s national road budget getting spent on the M7 widening last year, it’s good to see the smaller thoroughfares also getting attention.

Kilcullen councillor Tracey O’Dwyer welcomed €35,000 to rural Kildare for the purposes of road safety improvements at two locations in her bailiwick.

A sum of €10,000 has been allocated to improve the road markings and sight-lines at Kinneagh Cross – where the R416 and 413 intersect between Kilcullen and Newbridge.

“This is an extremely busy junction, so much welcomed news not just for locals but for the many motorist that pass through this busy junction on a daily basis,” said Cllr O’Dwyer.

“There’s great news for Brannockstown village as well, with another €25,000 confirmed to carry out road safety improvements in the village,” said the councillor.

“Thank you to [area engineer] David Reel and the council for making the application for this Government funding and for taking on board the road safety concerns I raised through motions and questions throughout 2019,” offered Cllr O’Dwyer.

“Speed through the village is an ongoing issue but together with this money which is now secured to carry out specific road safety improvements and the ongoing surveillance of the local Guards it is hoped that driver behaviour can be changed,” she added.

Elsewhere in her neighbourhood, Cllr O’Dwyer was also able to confirm this week that the concerns of the residents of the Old Mill Race estate in Athgarvan with regard to the faded line markings at the entrance of the estate have been noted, and are “listed for consideration as part of the draft line marking programme for 2020”.

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By finian coughlan
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