Thursday, February 20, 2020

Great Wall of China will not ‘go green’ for St Patrick’s Day.

Chinese landmarks such as the Great Wall of China will not ‘go green’ for St. Patrick’s Day this year because of the coronavirus.

Tourism Ireland says it has suspended all marketing activity in the country due to the outbreak.

Outgoing Junior Tourism Minister Brendan Griffin says they felt running the campaign in China this year would be inappropriate.

“Obviously, there are economic ramifications as well but we have to be conscious of the fact that people are dying as a result of this,

“So we felt it wouldn’t be the most appropriate thing to do at this particular time.

You know at the same time a huge part of the world hasn’t been affected as well so there are loads more locations where we are doing the ‘greening’ this year as well.

Several new landmarks will take part in the ‘Global Greening’ campaign including Madison Square Garden in New York, the Smurf Statue in Brussels and the National Museum of Qatar.

Speaking about the campaign, Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland said he was delighted more attractions want to get involved and noted that 2020 is the 10th anniversary of the Global Greening iniative.

Mr Gibbons credited the “the great work that has been carried out across the world by Irish people and the diaspora” for the success and popularity for the ‘Global Greening’ campaign and believes “the eagerness of cities and countries everywhere to take part underlines the strength of the deep connection that people all over the world feel to Ireland.”

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