Thursday, February 20, 2020

WATER Babies, Ireland’s leading baby and toddler swimming school, has revealed more remarkable stories of how swimming and spending time in water has helped babies and toddlers and assisted them overcome health issues, boosted their development and generally improved their lives and the lives of their family.

Among them is Céilí Byrne  from Naas    (2 years 10 months)

Little hero Céilí Byrne, who is two years and 10 months old, has a rare syndrome which causes her to have a serious heart condition, low muscle tone and bilateral hearing loss.    However Céilí is a little warrior princess. She is has faced many challenges since she was born. Céilí had to stay in hospital for four months after her birth and she is closely monitored by cardiologists in Crumlin hospital, Dublin and great Ormond Street Hospital, London so she has to attend hospital a lot.

Little Heroes Céilí Byrne with her mother Sinead.

Her low muscle tone means walking was a tough skill for her to learn and her hearing loss means that she finds it difficult to communicate.

Mum Sinead Keogh said: “Our little princess has always loved water and joining Water Babies has made her stronger in many ways.

“The exercises at Water Babies have helped her build her muscles and it amazes us all to see that she now has the strength and agility to be able to climb onto a floating island, walk across it and jump into the water!

“Our teacher Siobhan always makes an extra effort to communicate with Céilí using signs, gestures and pictures because she knows Céilí can’t hear very much without her hearing aids in the pool.

“We really appreciate this as it has helped Céilí learn how to participate in group activities.    The water has a very calming effect on Céilí and she often presses her face to mine during the class so that she can hear me singing the songs. And she has a big smile on her face for the whole class which is just the icing on the cake for us!”

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