Thursday, March 26, 2020

THERE has been a big push in training seven new members of staff at Kildare Town Community School (KTCS) as first responders, while all staff, teachers and SNAs, have completed basic first aid training this year.

In January, the entire staff undertook approximately two hours of basic first aid training, delivered by registered first aid training instructors. First aid protocols, policies and procedures at the school have been reviewed, while an emergency code has been agreed among the first aid responders – this will be used by KTCS to inform the certified first aiders if there is an emergency.

The school raised €1,300 through a non-uniform day held just before Christmas and a staff coffee morning. This helped raise funds to purchase a new school defibrillator and a storing cabinet, which will be displayed outside the staffroom upstairs. The school’s current defibrillator has been moved and is now on the wall outside the school office, in view of a CCTV camera, so that it’s accessible to staff and students.

(L-R) Shirley O’Leary, Laura Kavanagh, Maire O Connell, Frank O’Sullivan, Yvonne Rourke, Meryl Flanagan and Aoife O Rourke receiving their certificates on Valentine’s Day. Absent is Dave Wilson

The battery of a third portable defibrillator was purchased and this can now be taken on trips outside the school if needed. The defibrillators are checked once a week to make sure they are working.

Elsewhere, an order of first aid supplies amounting to €396 was purchased, funded by the school’s management and distributed to the PE hall, science labs, Acorn unit, staffroom and many other practical classrooms. The first aid bags for the extracurricular teams have also been restocked.

Alongside the design of a new and improved incident report sheet, which is in use, the school’s first aid room has been completely transformed and is now used for first aid purposes. The first aid responders have been provided with a key to the room and any medications belonging to students are to be kept in the fridge there. The room is locked when there is no first aider present.

More notices have been placed around KTCS informing students who the certified first aiders are, and a number of sixth year school prefects have been allocated as first aid prefects.

Frank O’Sullivan is the teacher in charge of the First Aid committee, while the school has thanked Jim at Curragh Health and Safety Training for all his work there this year.

By Conor Forrest
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