Friday, March 27, 2020

A NUMBER of local community, social, and businesses in Kilcullen have taken to innovative technological ways of keeping in touch during the Covid crisis.
They include Evelyn O’Sullivan who has put her Drama Dynamics School of Speech and Drama online, and is getting her students to send in videos of their work. She is also posting videos on her Facebook page and on Instagram, providing games to keep children at home busy creatively, along with breathing and relaxation techniques.
Local resident and language teacher Tanya Flanagan is available through her Facebook page to help parents who come up with difficulties during homeschooling assignments by teachers.
Karen Cradock, who has a cardiac physiotherapy clinic in Kilcullen, has held webinars to demonstrate exercises to help the heart, particularly for cardiac patients, using the Zoom app which allows video ‘meetings’ of groups.
Yuki Kobayashi, who teaches Tai Chi, has also been using Zoom to give lessons to her Kilcullen group each morning. It is also a very good way for them to say hi to each other and keep in touch.
Meanwhile, the Principal of Scoil Bhride, Anne Flanagan, has advised parents not to stress over trying to make their children at home from school doing academic work.
She says a schedule of work which was emailed to all parents is just designed to keep things ‘ticking over’. “We’re mindful of not overburdening parents. You can’t have them feeling they have to sit down for a couple of hours a day doing school work with their children.”
Instead, the children can get into some of the suggested projects, do some reading, as much or as little as they want to. “We’ve emphasised the need for exercise, to get out in the open air while practising social distancing. Fresh air and activity is very important to keep minds ticking over, and to prevent stress and panic.”
Ms Flanagan suggests also giving the children some responsible jobs to do around the house, and maybe sitting down with them for 30-40 minutes a day to do some of the academic work which was emailed. “They can read a book, talk about it, maybe write a review. It’s also very important to monitor screen time, not let them sit down for hours in front of the TV, and also keep an eye on their phone activity. Instead of watching rubbish on the telly, try and have them watch something like Planet Earth and similar.”

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