Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Conor Kelly from Clane, Trócaire’s Programme Manager for Malawi

While the spread of COVID-19 hits countries across the world, there is hope the devastating ebola outbreak in DR Congo is close to being halted – and similar response work will be vital in tackling the Coronavirus. Clane native Conor Kelly, who is Trócaire’s Programme Manager for Malawi writes in this week’s Kildare Nationalist about the challenges and devastation Covid-19 will bring to some of the world’s poorest countries where handwashing is even a challenge

“These are difficult times for everyone. As COVID-19 spreads around the world and the virus crosses borders, there are real concerns as it rapidly spreads to countries that lack even the most basic resources to fight this crisis.

COVID-19 is now present in over 50 countries in Africa, including some – Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – that are amongst the poorest places on Earth.

Poor countries are vulnerable at multiple levels – there may not be a functioning state to warn people how to protect themselves; many do not have the systems to detect the virus; most do not have a functioning health service to respond to a mass outbreak of illness.

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