Tuesday, April 07, 2020

THE Covid-19 pandemic cannot be used as an excuse to prevent separated parents having contact with their children according to Kildare solicitor Helen Coughlan.

Ms Coughlan, who is chair of the Law Society’s Family and Child Law Committee, explained new guidance that reflects the position of the Department of Justice and Equality and endorses the practice direction of the President of the District Court.”

The current health crisis has created some confusion and distress among the many families where children routinely move between the homes of their separated parents every day and week across Kildare,” she said.

Court ordered access arrangements should be complied with to the greatest degree possible, or sensible alternatives should be agreed to allow parents to continue to have extensive access, for example via phone or video call, depending on the health considerations for each household,” Ms Coughlan said.

Common sense should prevail in these situations. If parents need advice on how to navigate this issue we always advise contacting your family law solicitor. In all cases where new or alternative access arrangements are put in place in light of Covid-19 restrictions, we would also strongly advise that these are agreed by all parties and recorded in writing for clarity.”

The guidelines are available at this link.


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