Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Dr Cathal Berry, TD Kildare South

KILDARE South TD Dr Cathal Berry, is encouraging the voluntary use of face masks in the battle against Covid-19 .

Dr Berry, a former army ranger and military medical officer, is a member of the Regional Group of Independents which has asked the government and the National Public Health Emergency Team to consider initiatives for cloth-faced coverings to be worn in public and work areas.

“If they’re saying that we should cough into our elbow and not use a face mask… the principle is the same, it’s just a barrier,” he said. “Where’s the evidence to say coughing into your elbow or coughing into your sleeve is effective? It’s the same reason we use a handkerchief.”

The Kildare TD added that “it’s very hard to get definitive medical advice these days, it’s like a solicitor. You go to three different solicitors, ask them the same question, they’ll all give you three different answers… it’s okay to have slightly different, varying medical advice based on the regions”.

“I think it should be encouraged from a voluntary perspective. People are already doing it,” he noted. “Is it logical? Yes. Will it do any harm? No. [Would it] interfere with the logistics of not having enough masks? No, because people can make these things at home.

“It’s not going to do any harm, it might do some good, why not?”

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