Tuesday, April 07, 2020

SEXUAL offences rose last year in the Kildare Garda Division, according to the latest statistics from the Central Statistics Office. Year-on-year in the division the number of sexual offences rose from 101 in 2018 to to 130 in 2019.

115 offences of rape and sexual assault were recorded in 2019 with a further 15 categorised as ‘other’. And, while incidents of driving or being in charge of a vehicle while over the legal alcohol limit dropped from 400 to 310, doing so under the influence of drugs more than doubled between the two years (60 to 163).

There were zero offences of homicide, murder or manslaughter recorded in the division, compared to seven in 2018 (four of homicide, three of murder and zero for manslaughter).

Elsewhere, 14 offences of aggravated burglary and 954 of non-aggravated burglary were recorded in 2019, compared to 7 and 883 respectively the year previous. Theft/taking of vehicles and related offences remained the same at 175, thefts from persons increased slightly from 39 to 51, while thefts from shops increased by 86 to 807.

2019 also saw an increase in controlled drug offences in the division, with 795 in total. Where there were zero offences of drugs importation the figures show there were 12 for cultivation or manufacture, 175 for possession for sale or supply, and 578 for possession for personal use (as well as 30 recorded as ‘other’).

The corresponding stats for 2018 show a total of 660 – 0 (importation), 6 (cultivation/manufacture), 150 (possession for sale or supply), 471 (personal use) and 33 (other).

“I call again on all members of the public to recognise the deep harm linked with recreational use of drugs – the purchase and use of illegal drugs by otherwise law-abiding people directly fuels organised and violent crime,” said Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan.  “I urge those who engage in recreational use of illegal drugs to exercise their personal responsibility and to stop supporting violent crime in this way.  We all have a part to play in reducing this scourge.”

Public order and other social code offences in Kildare rose from 745 in 2018 to 860 last year. The majority of these in 2019 and 2018 were for disorderly conduct (736 and 620), Five prostitution offences were recorded in 2019 and three the previous year.

Offences of criminal damage (not including arson) declined, however – 2018 saw 632 cases recorded while there were 597 in 2019.

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