Saturday, April 25, 2020


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TEACH Tearmainn, County Kildare’s only refuge and support service for women and children experiencing domestic violence and abuse, welcomes the timely, new Government awareness and information campaign on domestic violence, called Still Here, which is running across radio and television.

Lorraine Rowan, CEO of Teach Tearmainn, said that the campaign comes at a critical time for women and children who may be confined and isolated with their abuser in towns and villages across Kildare.

She said that the campaign was creative and strong in its message to survivors and communities that professional frontline supports in Kildare are still open and operating and that the 2k zone did not apply to survivors seeking safety. She encouraged people to call Teach Tearmainn’s helpline on 045-527584 for support and advice.

The most important message is that we are open and working to help protect women and children here in Kildare, said Lorraine Rowan. Covid-19 brings challenges but we are re-configuring and finding new, creative ways to help keep women safe.”

In order to meet the needs of women and children in Kildare during this pandemic, we have extended our opening hours and we are now operating our helpline and refuge service 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, so that supports are available to all women who need us. In recent weeks, the helpline has been particularly quiet. One of our greatest concerns is that women may be finding it much more difficult to make contact for support. Previously women may have contacted services when they or their partners were at work or out of the house, or when children were in school. Those little windows of freedom are being cut down.”

Lorraine Rowan also said that in these stressful circumstances that it was more important than ever that there was a strong community response to domestic violence.

During Covid-19 we are being reminded that we are all in this together. The response to domestic violence can be no different. We are asking people to be vigilant, to keep in touch with friends and family, to be aware that homes may not be safe and to be her voice in looking for support at a time when she may not be able to use hers.”

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