Thursday, June 18, 2020

Surpassport developer Adrian Geissel

AN app developed by a Naas based inventor is poised to become the go to for sporting bodies who are now required to maintain electronic records of players.

Under Phase 2 of Reopening Ireland, the expert group on Returning to Sport has recommended that sports organisations are obliged to facilitate speedy contract tracing in the event of participants contracting Covid 19.

Surpassport is an app that allows sports coaches and managers track and share crucial information on their players from a secure data platform, devised by Scientist and Software Engineer, Adrian Geissel.

The company has just released an update to its team management platform, allowing authorised persons to instantly generate player-specific contact-tracing reports, perfect as sports teams emerge from lockdown.

The Naas based inventor says: “Surpassport is a connected team management app combining sports science and best practice for player -centered coaching, which crucially, has attendance tracking at its core. This now offers a practical and easy means for clubs and organisations to keep all records necessary for efficient contact-tracing. Recording attendance is a one tap action, easily completed by a coach or designed administrator as participants are greeted to the session.”

Our contact-tracing report examines all training and competitive events that the record subject (a player or a coach) attended over the previous 14 days ,identifying all coaches, players /athletes and recorded guests who were present at the same events. For each of these persons ,the report automatically extracts dates ,times and their email and phone details, or in the case of the Under 18’s ,their parents details ,ready to be passed to the HSE Contract Tracing Unit. ”

Assuring security and GDPR compliance, the report can only be accessed online or downloaded by authorised users, which includes the team coaches (for players), the club registrar ,the children’s officer and the newly added role of Covid Officer.

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Surpassport aims to support children in their return to sport and offers any team or club free use of the platform, for as long as restrictions or contact tracing remain in force.

Adrian Geissel added “We are working with a number of other technology providers to add Contact- tracing capability for their customers ,accelerating the timeframes for when sport can resume at a club level”.

Clubs considering summer camps will also find that Surpassport simplifies registration, medical information & parental consent, coordinator delegation and, of course, contact-tracing.

Its’ managed setup service, makes getting started even easier, whether for a single team or for a large club, with free setup offered to the first 50 clubs registered, on during June 2020.

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