Thursday, July 02, 2020

Eight out of 10 Irish people have saved money in lockdown with one quarter of these putting aside more than €1000.

Research, conducted by DMG Media Ireland, revealed that this new found spend thrift behaviour has caused 70% of the nation to commit to continued saving.  However, only 12% said they would be in a position to save at the same levels – unsurprising as 7 in 10 of those surveyed admitted that their propensity to save was due to lack of socialising.

Over half of those questioned ‘couldn’t wait’ to blow what they had saved in the sales. A further 27% confessed that they were looking forward to treating themselves as restrictions eased.

  • 31% divulged they would spend some of their savings doing up the house or garden.

  • 26% conceded that they would spend on a holiday with most opting for a staycation.

  • More people admitted that they would spend on upgrading their car than their phone (9% vs 2%)

  • Almost half (44%) plan to spend the same if not more this Christmas

* Survey completed by 1200 women from a sample of’s and’s combined 1.6 million unique users per month

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