Saturday, August 01, 2020

Marie McDermott from Newbridge

By Conor Forrest

A GOFUNDME campaign for Marie McDermott from Newbridge is seeking to raise funds to allow her to have her leg amputated with private medical care.

Ellen McDermott (Marie’s daughter and carer), Steven Barry (Ellen’s partner) and Julie Skerritt (a family friend) are behind the campaign to get Marie private care to have the surgery carried out and any follow-up care needed, which will include a new prosthetic leg and making her house more suitable for her needs – basically to make her life a little easier.

According to the GoFundMe, Marie originally had a fall and broke her knee, and a cage was placed on her leg with bars going inside. However, this was not ideal, they say, as it was far too heavy for her brittle bones. When the cage was removed, she was undergoing physio which was very painful as it turned out her knee was still broken.

A knee replacement was then done but Marie was subsequently told that this was unsuccessful and that she would need her leg amputated. She’s still waiting for the surgery under the public health system and has been left with a big open wound and is in constant pain. Her family and friends feel the only way forward is to get everything done privately and the hope is to raise enough money to get Marie the care she needs and to get her leg sorted once and for all.

Speaking to the ***Kildare Nationalist***, Julie explained that Marie had a really bad fall recently. “She had to be brought to A&E because it was [a] suspected broken ankle on the leg that was already bad,” she said.

She added that Marie was left sitting on a trolley all day. “By the time a lovely doctor met her that night, he was just appalled, he said it to Ellen ‘If that was my mother, I wouldn’t rest until she was sorted’… it was basically him that gave us the push,” she added.

It’s certainly a very worthy cause and the public have responded – as of time of writing over €7,500 has been raised.

“We just want her looked after,” Julie explained. “There’s so much that she needs, so much rehabilitation, so much stuff for the house.”

She said that it would be great to get Marie, who’s married to Connie, in somewhere like Cappagh “that they do it from start to finish and keep her in for the rehabilitation and everything… it’s impossible to bring that woman up and down to a hospital, she can’t even sit in a car properly”.

Julie added that the family “just want to give their mother a life back”.

To donate, search for ‘Private care for marie mcdermot’ on

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