Friday, October 16, 2020

Kildare County Council (KCC) has appointed Wills Bros Limited as the contractor for Kerdiffstown Park. This is a very significant engineering project which has been planned for many years. The contract is for four and half years, it will remediate the landfill site and will provide the area with a new public park, all-weather sports pitches, playground and walking paths to the residents of Naas, Sallins, Johnstown and Kill.

If you would like to see a computer model of what the park will look like, you can go see it here

Works will be commencing on site in November 2020. Kildare County Council has just completed the realignment of the L2005 road, with a new main entrance into the site which will facilitate the traffic that the works, and subsequently the park, will generate.

It is possible that, given the nature of this work, that there may be intermittent odours, though the council, in conjunction with the contractor will make every effort to avoid further inconveniences to the local community.

Indeed, the Council would like to thank the local community for their patience and support to date.

Kildare County Council will continue putting updates on its website as the project progresses.

Contact Newsdesk: 045 432147

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