Saturday, October 17, 2020

SUNDAY next 25 October at 2am the clocks will go back one hour, the clock change that parents nationwide dread as an early wake time becomes an hour earlier overnight. Top child sleep consultant and creator of online sleep programme The Sleep Series, Erica Hargaden has shared her top tip to managing this transition seamlessly in your home.

Often referred to the ‘fall back’ clock change of the two daylight saving changes we face annually, this is the one that causes most headaches for parents and their little ones as a normal wake up time of 6.30am can become 5.30am! Early morning waking is a sleep issue that Erica and her team at Babogue regularly help parents with subsequent to this clock change so she has decided to share her advice for getting ahead of it before it becomes a problem in your home.

In the week prior to the clock change, Erica suggests parents start adjusting their children’s bedtime by putting them to bed 10 minutes later each night leading up to October 25th.

Erica explained “So if your child normally goes to bed at 7pm you will adjust to 7.10pm on night 1, 7.20pm on night 2, 7.30pm on night 3 and so on. The logic is that by the time you get to the clock change your child will have adjusted to the new time when Sunday, October 25th  rolls around and as such their biological clock will have adjusted and they will wake at the new 6am or 7am!”

Erica Hargaden is a certified child sleep consultant with her private practise Babogue. She is the creator of an online sleep program called The Sleep Series. This program is being used by over 1,000 families in 16 different countries. For more information check out @babogue_sleep,  or email  [email protected]


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