Saturday, November 21, 2020

Irish healthcare group Scope have launched a new #6MinuteLockdown social media challenge in aid of children with sight loss and sensory disabilities and are calling on people across Kildare to take part.

The challenge, which requires participants to blindfold themselves for six minutes while trying to complete an everyday task, has been designed to emulate the everyday challenges faced by children who are affected by sight loss or sensory disabilities.

To complete the challenge, participants are asked to:

– Blindfold themselves for six minutes and attempt to complete an everyday task – for example, making a sandwich, walking the dog, writing a letter etc.

– Record a video or take photos to share their experience across social media using the hashtag #6MinuteLockdown.

– Ask their friends and family to donate what they can to the official fundraising page (

The aim is to raise funds for the company’s charity partner, ChildVision, while raising much-needed awareness of vision impairment and sight loss among children in Ireland.

“We are delighted to launch our latest fundraising campaign for our charity partner, ChildVision, the National Education Centre for Blind Children in Ireland,” said Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick, CSR Lead at Scope. “The concept behind the challenge is simple. Following the initial six-month lockdown in Ireland, and the additional six-week lockdown that we are currently enduring, many people in Ireland are really starting to feel the effects of isolation.

“However, for children with sight loss or sensory disabilities, they have been living in lockdown long before any of our communities or cities shut down, experiencing a very different type of isolation. Lockdown has only made things worse, as they are now missing out on access to important resources. Sadly, many children have regressed as a result.

“In our #6MinuteLockdown challenge, we are asking people to simply take six minutes out of their day, to participate in a blindfolded everyday task, to help demonstrate the difficulties of living with a visual impairment in a sighted world.

“We truly hope that this challenge will raise some much-needed awareness for visual impairment in Ireland, but to also raise funds for ChildVision, so that the children who need help can continue to receive it during these difficult times.”

By Conor Forrest
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