Monday, November 23, 2020

Cllr Chris Pender has called for the temporary suspension of the trading bye-laws in Newbridge in order to allow for outside market trading in Market Square.

Councillors were informed through a written report that the current casual trading bye-laws for Newbridge were adopted by the former town council in 2007. They relate to the George’s Street area only, specifically stating ‘The council hereby designates the following as a casual trading area: Georges Street, Droichead Nua (exclusive of any part of Main Street, Eyre Street and the area known as Market Square), situate in the administrative area of Kildare County Council’.

The report explained that ‘there is no bye law in place for the area commonly known as Market Square, off Eyre Street, in fact the bye law expressly excludes the area’.

It added that ‘while the bye law relates to George’s Street, it has, historically, operated in consultation with and been led by businesses on that street’.

Essentially, the current bye-law doesn’t facilitate casual trading at Market Square. It was stated that to progress this matter, new bye-laws would be required. Councillors were informed that the Corporate Services department is happy to work with the members in the development of bye-laws and can re-issue a request for the key information needed to progress bye-laws.

On receipt of feedback from councillors, the department will coordinate this feedback and input from other council departments ‘to develop new casual trading bye-laws that reflect the needs of the Newbridge community’.

By Conor Forrest
Contact Newsdesk: 045 432147

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