Monday, January 18, 2021

 Sinn Féin TD Réada Cronin has called on the HSE to ensure that every vaccine dose in North Kildare is administered by the strict demand of next-in-line and not according to chance or favour.

 At a meeting with the HSE management team CH07 last week (which covers the Kildare area) the Sinn Féin TD called on the body to put people ‘on-notice’ to make themselves available for an earlier vaccine slot, if, by mid-session, it looked like there were more doses left than vaccine candidates.

 “The vaccine is precious; it is gold dust and every dose counts. It is vital that every single dose is administered to the person next on the list, and not to a person who happens to be in the room, or simply at the discretion of a senior member of staff.”

 “The vaccine is not a gift or a privilege. It is a right and that right is the same for everyone, based on medical need and vaccine order, not the happenstance of being in the room or the luck of who you know.”

 “If we can over-book planes to ensure capacity, then surely the same attitude should apply to a life-saving project. I’m sure citizens of North Kildare would have no problem making themselves available with a couple of hours’ notice if their slot were put forward.”

 “ It is inefficient and unfair to find doses ‘spare’ at the end of the day and used willy-nilly rather than according to the list.”

 “Covid doesn’t have favourites in North Kildare. Neither should the vaccine. If people are to trust the vaccination process it must be transparent and beyond reproach.”

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