Friday, January 29, 2021

To celebrate Brigid’s Day the Herstory Light Show by Dodeca will illuminate iconic landmarks across Ireland this Sunday 31 January and Monday 1 February in honour of the Mother and Baby Homes victims; Corona heroines and heroes, Black Lives Matter, Women who have Arrived, and Brigids of the World.

Among the buildings to be lit up will be St Brigid’s Cathedral in Kildare town. The ceremony will take there at 5pm on Monday 1 February, St Brigid’s Day.

The first of February marks the beginning of Spring and the Celtic festival of Imbolc, once honoured as the feast of the goddess. Herstory is calling on the Irish public and our diaspora to sign the petition to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday.

In the light show, from the shadows into the light, castles, cathedrals and historic sites will illuminate in honour of the mothers and children who suffered in the Mother & Baby Homes; featuring portraits of the survivors by Karen Morgan, powerful haiku poetry by Laura Murphy, and thought-provoking art from the Stay with Me Show curated by activist Rachael Keogh and journalist Alison O’ Reilly.

A specially commissioned photographic series created by photographer Myriam Riand and conceptual artist Áine O’ Brien reclaims and reimagines the mother archetype that has been historically dictated and defined by Church and State. Now Mná na hÉireann are reclaiming our sovereignty, sexuality and spirituality.

The Herstory Light Show also features a special tribute to the heroines and heroes of the pandemic: women and men who have battled the virus and the everyday heroes who have played a role in these challenging times including domestic violence services, teachers, farmers, shopkeepers, cleaners, bus-drivers, journalists, nurses, doctors, and more.Women’s achievements and struggles have been lost in the shadows for too long, resulting in global inequality and a regression of women’s rights. That’s why Herstory is harnessing the alchemical power of light, to celebrate women and equality, spotlight inequality, and create visions for a World of Equals.”- Melanie Lynch, Founder of Herstory

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