Friday, June 25, 2021

Litter is one of the issues raised regularly in the MD. Image for illustration purposes only

Athy councillor Brian Dooley has called on the council to introduce a ‘City Solar Compacting Smart Litter bin’ in Athy Municipal District as a pilot programme, to get a measurement as to what is achievable and how costs and litter can be reduced.

Speaking at the June meeting of the MD, Cllr Dooley said these are “quite a good machine”, adding that they’re a smart model of litter bin that compacts the litter. He noted that it takes about 10 times the normal litter bin and doesn’t need to be emptied as often.

Cllr Dooley said they’re being used around mainland Europe at the moment and described them as environmentally friendly and sustainable, later saying that perhaps there is a business out there that could support it.

One written report issued in response to his motion noted that, at present, there are two of these compactors in Maynooth and they are piloting them for the last two years. ‘To implement these in the Athy Municipal District, it would have to be agreed with the Environment section as they are ultimately the section that controls the litter collection budget.’

A second report explained that solar compacting bins are expensive to install and to maintain. ‘The merits of the installation of such a bin in Athy and the servicing of same will need to be considered in consultation with the Athy Municipal District office.’

Cllr Veralouise Behan said “these work in many different areas” and are very cost-effective, noting that they are in other areas of Kildare and that “it’s really worth looking into.” She also said they can be part-funded by advertising panels.

The meeting heard that they are expensive to install and repair, but can be looked into and costed.

By Conor Forrest
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