Thursday, July 22, 2021

Both cost and time are issues for most Kildare people when it comes to booking appointments with their doctor.

Almost one in every two adults in Kildare (48%) have put off a visit to their doctor due to the cost, which is just above the national average (45%).

42% of Kildare people struggle to find time to fit a doctor’s appointment into their schedule due to work or other commitments, and more than a third of people in the county (35%) have admitted that Covid-19 has encouraged them to source online or remote health services.

That’s according to new research conducted by iReach on behalf of Lloyds Online Doctor.

Cost is also a concern for two in five (39%) of Kildare women, who have said they have switched to another form of contraception due to cost of a GP visit and contraceptive prescription; this is much higher than the national average (12%).

The research highlights a knowledge gap for some women when it comes to the efficacy of their contraceptive pill. When asked if they are still protected against unwanted pregnancy if they miss a day of their pill, 25% of Kildare women said ‘yes’, despite 31% of the same cohort admitting that they do not know or are unsure of what they should do if they miss a day.

The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 have had an impact on some Kildare women with respect to taking their contraceptive pill. While one-fifth of women (21%) in Kildare stopped taking their pill due to restrictions and lockdown, every respondent (100%) admitted they would go back on their pill now that restrictions have eased.

The research has also revealed that more than two in five Kildare men (39%) have experienced erectile dysfunction, but less than half of those have discussed it with their partner (43%). When it comes to Kildare men’s main concerns surrounding erectile dysfunction, ‘inability to have sex’ topped the list at 72%, followed by ‘it’s embarrassing’ (22%).

Lloyds Online Doctor has announced the relaunch of their service, which offers patients confidential and convenient online consultations with Irish-based doctors. No appointment is needed to use the service, which provides flexibility and choice to people with busy schedules.

To mark the relaunch of its service in Ireland, Lloyds Online Doctor is offering new and existing patients the opportunity to use the service at a reduced rate; with consultations at half price (€12.50) until 6 August.

To use the service, patients complete a short medical questionnaire online at a time that suits them, which is assessed by an Irish-based doctor who may provide a prescription for in-pharmacy collection, or if preferred, the paper prescription can be sent to the patient by post. All of Lloyds Online Doctor’s GPs are registered with the Irish Medical Council.

To use the service, visit

By Conor Forrest
Contact Newsdesk: 045 432147

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