Thursday, January 20, 2022

A WOMAN made homeless by a controlling ex-partner who called her “fat and ugly” and who threatened to never let her see her children again, was granted an interim Protection Order in court last week.

Why do you need protection?” she was initially asked by Judge Desmond Zaidan when she took the stand in Athy Family Court.

I’ve had to call the Guards on him a few times. He’s getting aggressive, and trying to control me…he was telling me when I can and can’t leave the house, and he’s constantly telling me who I can and can’t see,” she said.

I told him I could do what I want, but the house is in his name, and he made me and the kids homeless – we’re now staying in a B&B,” she revealed.

He called me fat and ugly, and said I’d never see the kids again,” she revealed.

Does your family know what’s going on?” asked the judge.

Yes, I have their support,” she confirmed.

No doubt there are issues between you,” said the judge as he granted the order in her favour.

However, because of the serious nature of such a ruling, it will only stand until 12 April, when both her and her former partner must attend together to hear his side of things, and allow the judge to dismiss or extend the order for a maximum of five years.

The judge then advised the applicant to turn up on that day or he would dismiss without prejudice.

Five out of 10 women who get these orders don’t turn up [on the appointed hearing date],” he cautioned.

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