Wednesday, March 23, 2022


A Kildare school has been named as the first ADHD Friendly school in Ireland. 

ADHD Ireland has completed a pilot of the new School Accreditation Programme and is now ready to roll out the programme nationwide. On 16 March they announced that  ‘CPC’ Kilcullen the first ADHD Friendly school in Ireland.

The ceremony was a credit to the dedication of teachers and staff of the college, who have done amazing work committing time to expand their knowledge of ADHD and to learn strategies to support their students in the classroom. With a prevalence of 5% for ADHD, this equates to 1:20 children.

“We were determined to start this programme for our students, we wanted to understand ADHD and get the tools to support them in their educational journey” said Aimee Kelly, The Junior Years Learning Support Coordinator.  

The programme was designed to include teachers, SNAs and parents within the process. The main goal of the project is to provide an understanding of the needs of young people with ADHD and to give practical information. The project is delivered throughout the school year, via online training delivered by industry professionals from ADHD Ireland and the ADHD Foundation (UK). 

Additionally, parents/carers are invited to join private sessions on ADHD Ireland as the aim is to have everyone involved in the young people’s lives to be informed and educated to help benefit them in all aspects of their lives.  

“We are more confident now to accommodate our students with ADHD and we can recognise their needs, plus we see the difference in boys and girls with the condition, that is a great ability when you want to provide equal education opportunities to all your students” said Madeline Scully Senior Years Learning Support Coordinator.  

The Cross and Passion College have 13 teachers participating in the programme and it is proud to call itself Ireland’s first ADHD Friendly School.  In the coming weeks, ADHD Ireland will be presenting flags to Cork and Dublin schools, with a vision to see the accreditation flag in every school around the country.  

“We know there is a huge gap and we are here to help support schools in filling the need for understanding their ADHD students” said Nicola Coss National Service Development Manager ADHD Ireland.  If you wish for your school to become ADHD friendly, please contact us to enter the next phase of the project [email protected] 

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