Friday, May 13, 2022

Naas councillor Bill Clear has sought confirmation of the council’s policy regarding installation of new bins, particularly for dog waste, on the Millennium ring road.

Councillors at the MD’s May meeting were informed that a draft policy for the provision/installation of street litter bins is currently with the Environment and Water Services Strategic Policy Committee for consideration.

‘Bins will only be installed on sites which are safe and where there is a genuine need for a bin. The council will not install bins on private land or in a location which may encourage the disposal of trade or household waste,’ a report explained.

‘Locations that are not considered suitable for litter bins as they tend to attract dumping, vandalism etc include out-of-town locations and ring roads. No dedicated dog waste bins will be installed going forward as the policy is to maximise efficiency by collecting dog waste as mixed waste within litter bins.

‘The members will also be aware of the principles of the national “Leave No Trace” programme where the public are requested to take everything they brought with them home again and dispose of it properly when they get there. Dog waste should be collected into bags and disposed of in an appropriate bin or brought home for disposal.’

Cllr Clear said he was told there are 10,000 dogs in the Naas area, adding that that’s a lot of dogs and a “lot of poo”.

The meeting heard, regarding bins in Naas, that the town has 180 or so bins, much more than Athy and Newbridge.

The topic of CCTV was also raised at the meeting by the MD’s Deputy Mayor, Cllr Evie Sammon. She wanted confirmation from the council if it’s ready to use, when enacted, legislation empowering KCC to use GDPR-compliant technologies such as CCTV to detect and prevent unsightly and illegal dumping and littering, in the MD, among other measures.

Councillors were told that the Environment department has used CCTV in the past to monitor and enforce instances of littering and illegal dumping.

CCTV is typically used, often as a last resort, where there is continued illegal dumping of household or commercial waste at litter blackspots. It has also been used at select bottle bank locations.

‘Any usage of CCTV is, and will continue to be, considered in the light of obligations imposed by data protection legislation and other relevant legislative requirements,’ a report stated.

Cllr Sammon said she wanted to make sure they’re ready to go. Councils, she added, have been waiting for this legislation – the Circular Economy Bill – “for ages.”

By Conor Forrest
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