Friday, December 09, 2022

Equine MediRecord was named Ireland’s Best Tech Startup in 2022

Kildare-based company Equine MediRecord has been named Ireland’s Best Tech Startup in 2022 at the National Startup Awards.

The company was one of 68 finalists selected for the awards, which were divided into a broad range of categories which celebrate the achievements of startups in Ireland, from hundreds of applications.

Equine MediRecord is a global leader in developing solutions to help ensure equine welfare and anti-doping compliance. Their platform allows for the full veterinary history of the horse and all required compliance documentation to be recorded securely, ensuring the best possible horse welfare, as well as aiding with crucial anti-doping procedures. In addition, the platform will provide all breeders, owners, trainers and vets with a system to comply with the latest anti-doping and animal welfare measures.

The company has been able to gain substantial international traction over the past few years with clients who include some of the largest brands in the equine industry such as the Breeders Cup World Championships, The Pegasus World Cup, The Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia, Maryland 5 Star and the Arabian Racing Organisation.

“It is amazing to be named as Ireland’s Best Tech Startup in 2022 with so many great finalists. I want to say a huge thank you to our team and everyone who has helped us develop our platforms and supported us to get to where we are today,” said Pierce Dargan, Chief Executive Officer of Equine MediRecord.

“The whole team are very grateful and excited about some new projects that we will be announcing soon to grow our business further and help people in the equine industry ensure they are complying with the latest animal welfare and anti-doping regulations and protocols.”

By Conor Forrest
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