Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Kildare County Council is seeking to establish the level of interest in potential affordable housing in specific areas throughout the county.

The follows the publication of an ambitious Housing Delivery Action Plan in 2022, Kildare County Council is progressing with plans for the supply of affordable housing in Kildare for the coming years.

An Affordable Housing Survey has been launched, inviting those who meet the affordable housing criteria to have their say on their preferred area.

This information will establish a register of provisional interest in affordable housing provided by Kildare County Council and inform the delivery of affordable homes by Kildare County Council in the coming years.

The online survey is open now and will close on 10 February.  You can view and complete the survey here –

Kildare County Council’s Housing Delivery Action Plan outlines a commitment to deliver 226 new affordable homes over the period 2022 – 2026.  The plan aims to deliver a range of housing including mixed tenure schemes, increase social housing stock and address important issues such as affordability and vacancy.  The Action Plan sets out how Kildare County Council and Approved Housing Bodies will provide new social and affordable housing through direct build as well as through turnkey and Part V arrangements.

Online Assessment – Important Information
This is a survey of interest in affordable housing purchase only and for the sole purpose of gathering information and determining potential levels of interest at various locations across the county.

  • Eligibility criteria may change from time to time.
  • Completion of the assessment does not imply eligibility or convey approval in any form, to a future offer of affordable housing by Kildare County Council.
  • This is not a waiting list and will not determine priority.
  • The existence of this register does not preclude others from applying to be considered for affordable housing.
  • The data submitted by you as part of this submission, will be retained in accordance with the Council’s retention schedules for as long as the relevant statutory provisions remain in force and that apply and will be used for the following purposes:
    • The establishment of a register of provisional interest in affordable housing provided by Kildare County Council
    • To make further contact with applicants to confirm continuing interest and for final confirmation of actual interest.
    • The potential onward transfer of the data to a register maintained by Kildare County Council of confirmed interest, which can be used as part of the process for final evaluation, prior to provisional approval for affordable housing.


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