Thursday, May 18, 2023

IT MAY vy with Dalkey as the poshest village in Ireland, but later this year Straffan will compete with Monte Carlo for some of the highest residential rents on the continent at €5,000 – a day!

Local owners are taking full advantage of their proximity to the K Club, which will be hosting the Irish Open from 7-10 September, with two 3-bed homes in the village offering their front door keys for €35,000 for the week for properties within walking distance of the course.

There is an apartment on the course itself on the go for €12,500 for the week, but it is just a 2-bed with “two dedicated parking spaces and a fully-stoked fridge”

There is some better value as you move away, with a 4-bed in Prosperous for just €20,000, and a 3-bed in Maynooth for €15,000, however an eight bedroom home advertised 48km away in Kilmullen in Laois is also on offer for €35,000 – although this address does boast a hot tub, a pizza making area and is just five minutes from the Heritage.

All of this has been revealed on the ‘Accommodation for The Event’ (AfTE) website in preparation for the September tournament.

This compares to the prices when the Ryder Cup circus came to the course 17 years ago with 2-bed apartments going for €7,000 for the duration, up to “an obscene” €82,000 property that could sleep 16 guests for the 10 days of that tournament.

Already similar prices are being touted in and around Adare, Co Limerick for the next running of the Ryder Cup in Ireland – in four years time!


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