Friday, May 26, 2023

James Hennessy of The Paul Hogarth Company (third from right) with members of the KCA Kilcullen Design Statement project committee


By Brian Byrne

A HGV Task Force to address issues of heavy vehicle traffic through Kilcullen is one of many actions encouraged in the town’s new design statement, which was launched last week. The document, initiated by Kilcullen Community Action and funded through a Kildare Leader Partnership grant, along with LPT allocations by local councillors, is envisaged as a blueprint for the growing town’s future.

The 66-page document examines the current community in terms of place, people, linkage and future, and includes a list of options and actions aimed at encouraging an enhanced quality of life for residents and visitors. Sustainability is a key underpinning of the design statement, which was produced by The Paul Hogarth Company consultancy following several stages of public consultation.

At the launch, for which there was a large attendance in Fallon’s, James Hennessy of The Paul Hogarth Company said the document will become very important when feeding into the statutory Local Area Plan which is being prepared in its next iteration.

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